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The Minotaur's Updates

The milker is only 59.95.. Hmmm....

This is where I tell you about the past changes to the Minotaur's Lair..

Present Updates       2002-2007 Updates

March 2007 Update

  • March 18, 2007 - I got one thing for those people who complain that it is taking too long for us to update the web site. Real life sucks. If real life sucks less you will see more pictures up here and more art in general. But too much about life sucks. Lets get what is important. Art! We figure it would be a good time to present you with a fine girl all tied up but we forgot the bow, you can find her in the Adult Female gallery. Just make sure you don't let her loose yet not everyone has seen her yet. Guarding her is our old friend cerberus. I can't think we can find a better guard than that at . He does prove you can't keep a bad dog down. In the color furry gallery we have 3 amazing pictures for you take a glance at. First you can advance your sword fighting skills with our friendly feline lady. But if that isn't your style would you prefer to step out and go onto a holiday vacation in a tropical paradise with another lovly lady. Or would you rather wake up in bed with a friend. The choices are all good.

    Thanks for spending some time with the site if you could please feel free to drop a line on the guest book or if you have an idea drop a line in our “idea book”.

    Again all the art on these pages are copyrighted if you would like to share with a friend please feel free to copy the url of the page it's on. If it's for other reasons please feel free to use the Rog Minotaur's contact information and get in touch.

    Lets hope the next one is not as long! Thanks for looking!

September 2006 Update

  • September 26, 2006 - Working on an update. But in the mean time I notice the email addresses on one of the pages is wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. Fixed FIXED fixed! Expect new pics soon!

  • September 14, 2006 - Doing small clean up. Hopfully giving a few more furry art into the gallery soon. Hope things are working well on it for you :)
  • September 7, 2006 - Getting back into the swing of things. Little updates on the site abound. But the thing to take a peek is in the furry color art gallery. Take a peak at Mona's smile. Thanks for stopping by more updates will follow shortly.

June 2006 Update

  • June 11, 2006 - More more more art added. We have a friend waiting for you in the Adult Male Color all dressed up in his finest. We also have two people sharing umm something a little more intimate a situation that you might get jumped upon in a forest of some people's dream. You can see it at Same Sex Gallery. Also updated the limited edition printsCome back soon for more updates and thanks for stopping by!

March 2006 Update

  • March 31, 2006 - Two more pictures added. In the MMORPG GALLERY a picture inspired by World of Warcraft. Also take a look at the forest and see the stump in adult black and white gallery. We also added some nice limited edition prints found here. Go take a look and as always thanks for stopping by.

  • March 31, 2006 - Interesting yiff is a very popular word to find this site. Mind you I don't know how many placess the word yiff and yiffy is used to find the site. to be honest I don't think much at all.

  • March 21, 2006 - Reminder - If you want the latest art go check out my mailing list! Thanks again for checking out the web site!

  • March 21, 2006 - I think I missed a few updates on the update file so you might want to check around. Here are two new choice pics located in the Furry Color Art gallery. I hope you love it and thanks for all the feedback and support!

October 2005 Update

  • October 28, 2005 - Holiday season is coming so we updated some print prices to be on sale for a limited time. Miniumn order still in place. Thanks for your support

  • October 5th, 2005 - An amazing update! Well it has some new pics sprinkled around including in the general black and white art gallery. But just as important a pictures in MMORPG GALLEY including a Tauren shaking his.. Well you will have to see. Thanks for stopping by and hope you are having a great day!

August 2005 Update

  • August 11,2005 - An update! WOO HOO! Come join the fun of the update. Come see amazing horse canter around on the Fantasy and Animal page. Come see the prince in all his charming in the Furry Color Art gallery. Be amazed at the toys left out by the master in the Adult Male Color. And last but not least see the hot action going down at the barn in the Same Sex Art Gallery. All these are available as prints on the prints page. Thanks for stopping by!

July 2005 Update

  • July 14th, 2005 - Just got back from Anthrocon 2005. We will have new art from that up in the next few weeks. In the mean time if you are someone WHO got sketchbook or con badges from Rog Minotaur and you do not see it on the Furry Con and Sketchbook page or Adult Furry Con and Sketchbook page please email a scan and permission to the webslave address on the Contact Url page. So a minor update cleaned up links a bit, added this message, and a con badge update. Also added a link to LiveJournal to the page. But once things are settle down *gasp* more will be added.

April 2005 Update

  • April 26, 2005 - GRRRRRRR Spammers found my guestbook doing one thing before I have to find an open source random generator for number. Which would suck and you will see it on other sites I have if I am pushed to shove on it. Once I confirm the prints are done just right I'll be ready to release new art! So watch this space carefully!

March 2005 Update

  • March 29, 2005 - One of the prints became sold off and is now not available for purchase. Also Fantasy and Animal page a sketchboard coyote has been added for all to view. Have a great one.
  • March 15, 2005 - Hey we are getting ready for cons (Actually started in January) so we are slugging it out to produce neet stuff in the mean time posted a Christmas Gift located in the furry color art gallery.

January 2005 Update

  • January 12, 2005 - Happy New Year updated on the site is a Annie Skunkley setting her sites on you in the furry color art. Updates were done in the Prints area. Enjoy the site!

December 2004 Update

  • December 29, 2004 - A small update - Ready to go to the race track? Hope you are ready to feel the rumble of hooves with this one in the Same Sex Art gallery. Also the prints page has been updated so check it out!

  • December 9, 2004 - Update part 2 - Put up in the furry color art a image made for Memphit Furmeet that the original was donated to charity. It's a companion picture to Wolf Cub With Blocks. Also did another update to the print page. Hope you like it!

  • December 9, 2004 - I forgot to mention an "Idea book" was added. You can now add your own suggestions for future drawings! Remeber it's publicly viewable so behave!!

  • First week of december, 2004 - More wonderful art for you to see. In the Adult Male Color we have not 1, not 2 but 3 count them 3 new pics to view! Better yet we also have down at the fence post someone hanging out there that you might know at the furry color pages. And in the MMOG Art a Taurin pumpkin based on the ideas of World Of Warcraft made this halloween just for the fun of it! Hope you enjoy this update!

October 2004 Updates

  • October 24, 2004 - Well well well. Look who is back. We got some new art to show you. In the Adult Male Color we have a canine showing you the improper way of storing things. In the rediscovered Adult Fantasy Art we recently discovered a Drow trapped in there. Updated in Furry Black And White two pictures added including the MFM con book and the sponser t-shirt image! Prints also been updated including a new one from the past! Check it out! And more more updates soon (always posted in advance on the mailing list)

September 2004 Updates

  • September 12, 2004 - When will it end! Another picture that wasn't posted on the web site! UGH! Lets fix that! Another added to the adult male side hope you have fun!
  • September 12, 2004 - Never say never. Another picture was found! Updated in Black And White to see this nice picture.
  • September 12, 2004 - More more more! Colors galor! Another picture that should been up there is now there - you are wondering where you can find this picture go to Fantasy and Animal page to see it in action. And more prints update! Hopfully we won't find any more "orphan pics".
  • September 12, 2004 - QUICK Guess what! I forgot a picture from Midwest Furmeet 2003. Jungle Eyes is now on the site in the Fantasy and Animal page. Updating the prints to also have more details and correctly match what we have in stock. Back to your regular program!

August 2004 Updates

  • August 22, 2004 - Busy busy busy getting ready for Mephit FurMeet 2004 but I thought an update to the site is in order. Updated 3 prints to take them off the prints page (sold out). Added 6 new prints! Added a spectacular half elf on the Fantasy and Animal page. A new furry con badge for Kurst on the convention art page. Going forward on the furry color pages the picture Snowstorm In Thought have been rescanned and is now on this masterful page. Also 3 additional new pics are including in this page, including the dark bunny Mortica, a little bit of husky love, and banjo strumming goat ready to sing you a song. In the adult gallery section a Snowy Kingdom awaits you in the male solo section. Last and certainly not least is Rog Minotaur's own Everquest character Dawnlight Sunbright you can see this brilliant peice of art at Adult RPG/MMOG Art Whew done - Thanks for stopping by and if you are going to Mephit Furmeet feel free to stop by the table and say hi. Otherwise we hope you stop by the web site again!

July 2004 Updates

  • July 20, 2004 - Minor code changes made to the database. More for auction. New pics on rog's site and some new auctions coming on line!

June 2004 Updates

  • June 23, 2004 - Minor update to HTML should make it more compatible.
  • June 3, 2004 - Major update has been done new art is marked with the "new" token. 3 new categories. And much more! And more importantly prints are UPDATED and ONSALE for the month of June! If there is ANY problem contact the web slave! I'm off to bed so get looking!

May 2004 Updates

  • May 17, 2004 - Still working on the grand update but we are having a limited time sale on prints! Go buy them NOW!

April 2004 Updates

  • April 12, 2004 - While doing the "grand rewrite" Found a bug in the site involving guest_other fixed for now.... Will continue on the redesign of the flow...

March 2004 Updates

  • March 18, 2004 - Posting on the mailing list right now. Update web site soon? Improved the guest book with more yote love.
  • March 8, 2004 - Starting the catch up on the mailing list. Check it out for more art. Did some web site syntax updates. Planning a picture or two up this month for sure! keep on dreaming!

January 2004 Updates

  • January 14, 2004 - Just an annoucement about FC! And also update a bug in the guestbook.
  • January 4, 2004 - Can actually UPDATE the site with the changes. Have fun and hope you like it!
  • January 2, 2004 - That wasn't nice.... Well the site went down for 3 weeks. Sorry for the inconvience what is worse the site was down during the last few weeks for the sale. OOOPS! So the best thing to do is to have another sale on prints for the amount of time the site was down. So Order SOON before they are all gone!

Decemeber 2003 Updates

  • December 8, 2003 - 2 more prints are marked as sold out.

  • December 8, 2003 - Software updated to be using the right domain if anyone has any problems PLEASE YELL! NO problems on my end though ;)

  • December 7, 2003 - No software update but I moved the dns over to rogminotaur.com on wereanimal.net. This will produce faster overall dns response and just plain good results on google. Have fun and lets hope everyone name resolving is over here ;)

  • December 4, 2003 - Another update I know, I said there won't be many more but Ed got hot about a peice sold at MFF so we had to get it up added Pretty Painted to the adult male side. This has been added to the print to be able to buy just in time for Christmas!

  • December 3, 2003 - For those that are wondering the dark elf is located on the Color Art for fantasy and animal. Have fun

  • December 3, 2003 - Double oops. Forgot 1 pic - a sketch in Black And White of a canine that want's you to talk to the paw. Also added the Dark Elf to the print and the main site. So people can get him before xmas!

  • December 3, 2003 - Oops a little bit of colorblindness (as in the pic has no color). Moved an adult male picture to the adult male black and white gallery.

  • December 2, 2003 - The big news is the site itself has lots of new art and prints over 9 months of work uploaded! Check out the prints a lot of new LIMITED EDITION prints were added! Pick them up now for they are only available for a limited time only! So check them out and have some delivered to the door. Ed has been doing some work today stirring up some trouble with 3 new Color Furry Art with a touch up on the Samari Red Panda a favorite of ours. And if you want to go swimming with a prince you can slide into the Black And White furry art pool. For our fantasy friends we have a buff human in the Color Art for fantasy, animals, and other miscellaneous pictures. Plus incredibly 3 new pictures from conventions for your enjoyment. But what would an update be without some little adult art. A little lady graces the page on the Adult Female she definatly dance Ed's heart away. In the adult male area there is over 6 different pics. Including one of Ed's favorite Collaberation with Lunarwolf, the lust of a young bull that Ed can only agree with, the swiftness of a cheetah and the incredible Kirin picture. Just added with the lustful unicorn and powerful pegasas is the beautiful christmas fantasy Comet On Cupid located in the Same Sex Art gallery Any lustful bull like Ed would love to spend some time with the Centauress located in the Adult Fantasy area. Two more convention pictures are located in the adult convention area. A few back end things were done plus more preparing for moving off of redirection with direct domain hosting by wereanimal. Should make google (Hi Google) be able to look through it easier :). And added the the Rog Minotaur FAQ we used to keep on the email list. And that is it! WHEW! The web update is over for now ;) If there is any problems or questions please feel free to contact me and I will try to straighten it out!

Novemeber 2003 Updates

  • November 25, 2003 - Preparing the site for the next round of updates. The update the site is for back end. Next few days new art will be posted (I promise ;) ).

October 2003 Updates

  • October 30 - Annouced the MFF and will be putting up new pics after they are posted on the mailing list. Cleared up the annoucement page. Oh btw have a happy halloween

May 2003 Updates

  • May 2nd - This is not the type of update we want to put up. No new art but a very important statement about my rights as artist. Please read and take heart.

March 2003 Updates

  • March 8th - There is a good reason for not updating. But art is still coming check out the Mailing list to see more art. Big Annoucement Dream book is gone. It's not a dream so in it's replace is this new Guest Book so starting new it looks pretty empty so place a new item in today!

January 2003 Updates

  • January 30th - UGH! I just found out the ecards didn't display right.... I just had to redo the WHOLE site to work with the new site. So yes.. You can click the ecards link with pride. If there is a picture you want there please contact and ask and it will be put up

  • January 28th - Incredible! Another update :) New prints are listed on the print page! please support the arts and buy prints and originals. First a shy bear is in the color furry gallery go see him. Second in the Con Sketch book page we have Kurst's new badge YEAH! Misc Gallery shows a little present painted for xmas. And last but not least.... In the adult male gallery we have a picture almost on the edge of being showable to everyone but enough hanging about that well it's best in adult even though it's artistic nude. Well hope you like this update and here is more to come!

  • January 2nd - Nice update on the pages that display the picture underneith the picture will have a next and previous image tag that has a thumb of the new pics! So neet so much more helping out browsing! Have fun

  • January 1st - The big New Years Update. First of all we got to point out *PLUG PLUG* Two New prints are listed on print page! please support the arts and buy prints and originals. But here lets tell what's in the update. A little angel floated down and appeared in our lap - We just had to call her Angelica and she is on Adult Female page. What is that rising ahead is that a full moon, maybe not but Ed thinks it is ;). You can check it out on the Adult Male Gallery. Now if you want to see Spike Punch and 2 pretty ponies just head over to our Adult Convention area! Now to something more towards what you can show to your mom. First a wonderful Christmas gift that was given to Kurst it's located in color furry gallery! And last but not least 4 more in the Con Sketch book con badges and sketch books galore, thanks for those people sharing . Whew a substantial update! Hope you like it. More to come!

December 2002 Updates

  • December 25th - Merry Xmas again. Just a reminder - email list will stop the mailing if your account does bounce alot. You can reactivate it later. But until you do you won't get any email stuff. Just a reminder....

  • December 25th - Merry Xmas. Took off a gift picture off the page (by request). Also added about Rog Minotaur and Kurst pages.

  • Decemeber 8 - Updated Rabbit Valley link it has all the prints in one directory. Don't worry new art coming soon!

November 2002 Updates

  • Novemeber 26 - More print magic! Closed out 2 more prints. The two prints are now marked as sold out and will no longer be available through normal print sales.

  • Novemeber 25 - Updated Prints :) Woo hoo! Prints are updated more new prints!! Come and get them :) Also took out MFF off the front page :) All better :)

  • Novemeber 16 - More changes. iframes out.. XML in! XML from FurEauction will generate the new page auction listing and only show it if there is auction! Less bother! Less blank space! Better results!

  • Novemeber 15 - More of an advertising update. The FurEauction last auction will show up in the left bar if I have one on auction! Pretty nifty isn't it! Cool thing anyone can do it!

  • November 13 - Added my long lost friend Madame Borzoi to the mix in the adult female gallery. She's taken ed by his nose ring and going to show him a lady like time and I don't think Ed will mind. Hey it's great to have a site that takes < 5 minutes to update ;)

  • Novemeber 12 - Woo hoo I'm listed on a seminar on doing artwook on a budget that should be fun! I hope to see you at MFF :)

  • Novemeber 6 - Before I go to bed.... Making the main page use the update as the day the site is updated. WEEE!

  • Novemeber 5 - If there is a missing link or gift art that I said I would put up please email the webslave and beat him a few times to put it up.

  • Novemeber 5 - Updated the adult guest area a little more. Seperating art, animation, and other into seperate areas.

  • Novemeber 5 - Added the adminstration cost for paypal print orders. Sorry Had to be done the adminstration is pretty horrible with it.

  • Novemeber 4 - ARGGHHH hated counter system. Made a completly new one. Last update for today honest!

  • Novemeber 4 - ANd it continues! an old function reared it's ugly head in the update page. And swat dead.

  • Novemeber 4 - AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN! Another server ism causing problems. Counter wasn't accurate so I had to make some changes "on the fly" causing problems. Problem is fixed! Hope it didn't cause any problems to users...

  • Novemeber 4 - AGAIN! Notice a major linkage. The print page was linking to the old site under the thumbnails that has been fixed fixed fixed!

  • Novemeber 4 - In the "can you make the pain go away" the php built in session code on this server decided not to session ids for non cookiee aware browser. Oh JOY! Now it's non-cookie aware. The wonders of code. Blah

  • Novemeber 3 - Moving in woes but little changes and it looks like the site is already to go. I changed the counters to have the old numbers (the counter software is actually all new and is very accurate). I hope you like the site! Enjoy!

  • Novemeber 2 - Negotiated a "backup" site so the site will go live today. Had to update all the images so they won't expire in a day or two longer ;). Also worked my little hooves off to put up another picture in Animal And Fantasy Gallery Black And White area I hope you love it :). See yah!

October 2002 Updates

  • October 25 - Still STILL waiting on lycanthrope but found another very old sketchbook picture (from 2000) put that up in Adult Con Sketch area.

  • October 21 - Still waiting on a few things on lycanthrope server admins. But while we are waiting I put the new MAILING LIST code on the Contact Page and the Adult Mailing List page. So if you aren't on one of my mailing list why don't you give it a try today :). Also updated a new pic in Adult Male Gallery Autumn Hunter. Mrrr... Hunting season we will go :). Hope you like and have a great one :)

  • October 15 - One last thing I would like to thank Trejaan for helping me port some of the text from the old site to the new site. Without his help it would of took a lot longer than the 40+ hours it took already LOL.

  • October 14 - FINALLY! If you are reading this you have got onto the proud October 14, 2002 update. After over 40-60 hours of work we have a site that looks like the old one but completly new technology! Very exciting stuff. You most likly are like Ed and don't care well here is why you should care! NEW PICS! First off we added new categories to hold con sketchbook style pics and since AC 2002 has passed we have some new pics! All new pictures for the web site are marked with on the bottom for 30 days except for the adult guestbook but there has to be an exception to the rule! Check out Con Sketch book art... And for the people more in the Adult side of the furry life there is a con sketch in Adult Con Sketch area that might tickle your fancy and other parts. Impressivly there is 6 art work in the color furry gallery including Anthrocon's 2002 chairman choice award winning picture! Not to be overshadowed in the fantasy and animal art gallery. But people want something MORE exotic... The more spicy adult section has 1 1/2 new fabulous female that you can spout liquid while watching at furry adult females. And like any males they try to out do themselves by having 2 1/2 fabulous males in the Adult Male Color Furry section. As Ed pointed out it's a 1/2 in one and 1/2 in other. Well ones a hir so it couldn't decide where to go.... And who can not forget last night dream he's looking for you in the adult male black and white gallery hopfully he won't spook you too hard. And last but not least a vintage Rog Minotaur art peice is posted at hetro art page. And finnally a new gift art picture by the incredible WerePuppy artist extrodinary in the adult guest art area. Ed says it looks like him, I think he is on crack. For those people who want to own a print of one my work I updated the Print Page to include ALL my newest prints and links to Rabbit Valley for my unlimited prints. Be sure to check it out! Thanks for checking the site out and I hope you come back! See you next time!

  • October 11-13 - A completly remodeled web site. How much more fun can this be! Should be MUCH easier to update and look mom no frames! How much better can it be!

Present Updates       2002-2007 Updates

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