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Rog Minotaur's Idea Book

Rog Minotaur works the best drawing pictures that Rog is in the mood to draw at the time. Doing commissions does slow down this creative process and is the reason why Rog doesn't do them.

Rog Minotaur does like to hear people's ideas and suggestions. While these ideas may never be used it might influce future art.

Suggesting an idea may not get the idea done ever, nor if Rog Minotaur does an art peice that is close to the idea means she is doing a picture on that idea. This is just a way for you (the fans) to tell what things you might like to see in the future - not a promise or commision of doing it.

Warning: Any demands for something to be drawn or entries that isn't an idea (like guest book enteries or shout outs) will be ignored and/or deleted. Any idea that is submitted is not expected to be done by Rog Minotaur nor do you keep the copyright of the idea.

Note we do not control content the adult language on this page. So if you see some adult language be warned.

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Micro Macro Relations

Name:James Hallfield
Email Address:[email protected]
Message (Posted on Sunday 3rd of July 2005):
How about some of the characters you draw having abit of fun with the smaller statured?
For instance,
Have a Mino stumble across a certain two inch tall husky, (Which could very well be me. *cough) And decide to see just how good a fit he was in certain pleasurable spots. I would think having a lil husky in ones sheath would feel pretty good for a few... days.....

Bi sex

Message (Posted on Monday 27th of June 2005):
you need some bisxual intercorse

Message (Posted on Monday 27th of June 2005):
I would like to see some bisexual pics like have one guy have it in another's ass while he's getting it from a woman or have some double oral with one guy gettign it from another guy and a woman.

Single Adult Rabbit

Message (Posted on Monday 20th of June 2005):
I would like to see a Nude Male Rabbit that looks like the one in the Gallerys

Message (Posted on Monday 20th of June 2005):
Personally, I'd like to see the chinese zodiac animals. You know: the rat, the horse, the pig, the dragon, the dog, the ram, the rooster, etc. It's okay if you don't like the idea.

Name:Mr. T
Message (Posted on Wednesday 15th of June 2005):
Ever think of doing an elephant in leather perhaps?

Anubis Lovie!

Name:Anubis God! lol
Email Address:[email protected]
Message (Posted on Tuesday 14th of June 2005):
Well I would like to See too Anubis Males Making Love and Being Caught By One of the Anubis's Wife who is a Anubess


Message (Posted on Monday 13th of June 2005):
I'd love to see one of a sexy ferret from you, Roggie :3

Message (Posted on Friday 10th of June 2005):
I'd love to see a picture of a centaur-style minotaur. I've only seen one before, and it wasn't very well-drawn. One with your skill would be a real pleasure to see.

Additionally, I would really enjoy your artwork more if there was more body diversity--the men and women I find attractive are the ones that most people consider rather overweight. That one's just a personal preference, though! :)

Just curious...

Email Address:[email protected]
Message (Posted on Monday 6th of June 2005):
Hey there. There's this guy I'm really crushing on by the furname of 'Kiba'. He's a white wolf, and I (also a guy) am a cheetah, as well as the dominant figure. Our relationship as friends (and hopefully more) has given me the idea of making a picture of a cheetah and a wolf holding each other's bodies close under the moonlight, hands caressing every inch of fur. And I do mean EVERY inch. Sure, it's interspecies, but hey. That's the fun part. I don't know, but maybe you could think of something with this, as I could never put it on paper the way I want it. -_-;;; Oh well. Take care! ^-^

Message (Posted on Wednesday 1st of June 2005):
I'd like to seem more nude anthro bears in your artwork.


Message (Posted on Wednesday 25th of May 2005):
It would be interressting to see a Male Taur from World of Warcraft in a sexy pose.


Message (Posted on Tuesday 24th of May 2005):
I was in Arby's the other day, and I think it's about time someone does something involving "Horsey Sauce"

The manager told me once that it's hotter in packets. I think it would be hotter fresh ;)

Male Bobcat

Email Address:[email protected]
Cool Url:http://www.catcollection.org/forum/
Message (Posted on Monday 23rd of May 2005):
I think it would be interesting to see a drawing of either sex of an anthro bobcat. I've yet to see one done.

More M/M Horse/minotaur stuff

Message (Posted on Wednesday 18th of May 2005):
That would be cool, but its only an idea.

Message (Posted on Thursday 7th of April 2005):
I think female pics would be nice. ps. halo the game sux.


Email Address:[email protected]
Message (Posted on Friday 1st of April 2005):
Well this idea came to me a while ago I would love to see more unicorns stallions, that would be cool to see especially doing solo pictures. I seen one picture that was really awesome of a solo picture of a unicorn that was chained up laying down of course it was a stallion saw it once never saw it again. Well would love to see more unicorns especially the stallions. Thanx fur ur time Halo.

Message (Posted on Tuesday 29th of March 2005):
I male wolf figure leaning seductively on a tree in a forest area

Cougars Please

Name:Darkstar Concolor
Message (Posted on Monday 28th of March 2005):
I'd love to see more Cougars/panthers/mountain lions, what ever you'd like to call us, lol. Your art is amazing and I'd love to see your rendition of a well developed female cougar mounted atop her enthralled mate, her knees tight into him, leaning gracefully back with her paws on his thighs, her long back arched gracefully, her full breasts pointing upward capturing his eyes, her head tipped back with a wanton expression so that her long hair(umm, blonde would be very nice, lol) teasing his legs as she leans back, riding him. His paws spread out on the inside of her thighs as he lays under her, his body very slightly arched up to meet her, his tiny nipples standing up, and his head slightly raised as he watches her. The background looking windy, the sky lit by the jagged lightening arking over them with the same furosity as their mating. Ok, rather detailed, but boy would I love to see it, lol. *grins* Thanks for reading though this and I look forward to more great art.
Darkstar Concolor

Native / Regal

Email Address:[email protected]
Message (Posted on Sunday 6th of March 2005):

I would like to suggest on more male nude pics of native or regal anthros, especially dolphins, various birds, other bovines, and marine life.

Thank you.

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