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Rog Minotaur's Idea Book

Rog Minotaur works the best drawing pictures that Rog is in the mood to draw at the time. Doing commissions does slow down this creative process and is the reason why Rog doesn't do them.

Rog Minotaur does like to hear people's ideas and suggestions. While these ideas may never be used it might influce future art.

Suggesting an idea may not get the idea done ever, nor if Rog Minotaur does an art peice that is close to the idea means she is doing a picture on that idea. This is just a way for you (the fans) to tell what things you might like to see in the future - not a promise or commision of doing it.

Warning: Any demands for something to be drawn or entries that isn't an idea (like guest book enteries or shout outs) will be ignored and/or deleted. Any idea that is submitted is not expected to be done by Rog Minotaur nor do you keep the copyright of the idea.

Note we do not control content the adult language on this page. So if you see some adult language be warned.

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Message (Posted on Thursday 8th of February 2007):
I agree with Wolff below... but I think of a scene in which there are many stallions having sex, so not just two, maybe up to 5 or 10. i'd buy a print of that one :)

Message (Posted on Sunday 7th of January 2007):
You should have a minotaur dominateing a smooth male human in a bondage kind of way


Message (Posted on Wednesday 3rd of January 2007):
I'd love to see some more cum shots...this website has helped me realize I am bisexual when it comes to furries and I am dying for more male/male....please make it possible.

Message (Posted on Sunday 31st of December 2006):
What about a hairy human man, being penetrated by an anthro wolf in a dark alley at night?
Something in the adult section with uniforms (police, firemen, military) would also be very hot...

MR. Hanky

Message (Posted on Thursday 28th of December 2006):
Please let us have a closer look of your "A night at the bar" story depicted in a nice art drawing or what about "on the other side of the bed"!

Something large

Message (Posted on Wednesday 13th of December 2006):
How about an elephant?

Mare Dom

Email Address:[email protected]
Message (Posted on Friday 10th of November 2006):
Have you considered doing a picture of a mare dominating her stallion lover? You know a ltl BDSM pic? Just something i had on my mind at the moment.

Message (Posted on Thursday 21st of September 2006):
my idea is a Pic of 1 Dragon fucking other Dragon, male & male

mares mateing

Message (Posted on Thursday 14th of September 2006):
2 mares make love to each other

german sheperts

Message (Posted on Saturday 2nd of September 2006):
can you make 2 male german sheparts together

Message (Posted on Friday 1st of September 2006):
can you make a german shepert male whith an other making out

Midsummer Knight's Dream

Name:Bob Stein
Email Address:[email protected]
Message (Posted on Friday 18th of August 2006):
Something classical - a takeoff on the scene in Midsummer Night's Dream where Puck gives Bottom the head of an Ass. However, in this case it's a Knight with an Ass's head, and Puck above him holding the helment and laughing

what do you think?

Message (Posted on Tuesday 15th of August 2006):
I was wondering if you could create a image involving a soldier or marine stallion, in full desert combat uniform, could be sexural or not. Just love the way you paint/drawn your images and the "stars and stripes" image is one of my favs, have a soft spot for soldiers/marines and love equine furries, hoping that you could do more on the subject.

demon horse getting sucked

Email Address:[email protected]
Cool Url:http://www.zoohaven.com
Message (Posted on Saturday 5th of August 2006):
a demon horse with his massive dick being sucked by a human, the same demon horse as the demonskul picture

Message (Posted on Thursday 20th of July 2006):
An image I'd love to see:

The image features a large muscular male minotaur or other strong animal, with a fairly scrawny male human. The young man is naked on his knees in front of the minotaur, excitedly sucking his dick, and the minotaur is standing there (feet slightly apart) with his large strong hands around the man's head, encouraging the act, but also partially to say that he could crush the man's head so easily. If there was to be a background it would be in some kind of sleazy tavern or something, with other beasts watching and jeering/laughing/just generally being rowdy. Quite an ugly scenario really...

Message (Posted on Sunday 9th of July 2006):
dragons m/m or dragons with humans m/m


Name:Hans the Horse
Message (Posted on Saturday 8th of July 2006):
I'd like to see more male anthros wearing condoms during sex.

Message (Posted on Monday 26th of June 2006):
im thinking....male crocodile rapeing a male wolf.....the croc should be thick and meaty, the wolf with a pleasured look on his face, realy juicy. im sure at least a few people would like that, since theyve been asking for crocodile stuf

Why Not Try It !

Message (Posted on Wednesday 21st of June 2006):
what i think you need to do is keep doing more of the animation. thos are awsome
!oh,and do allot of them in general!by the way,i like the nood section! :)

Message (Posted on Monday 19th of June 2006):
Perhaps some more m/f art? It's just that particular section is rather empty, as is the f/f section. Just a suggestion.

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