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Rog Minotaur's Idea Book

Rog Minotaur works the best drawing pictures that Rog is in the mood to draw at the time. Doing commissions does slow down this creative process and is the reason why Rog doesn't do them.

Rog Minotaur does like to hear people's ideas and suggestions. While these ideas may never be used it might influce future art.

Suggesting an idea may not get the idea done ever, nor if Rog Minotaur does an art peice that is close to the idea means she is doing a picture on that idea. This is just a way for you (the fans) to tell what things you might like to see in the future - not a promise or commision of doing it.

Warning: Any demands for something to be drawn or entries that isn't an idea (like guest book enteries or shout outs) will be ignored and/or deleted. Any idea that is submitted is not expected to be done by Rog Minotaur nor do you keep the copyright of the idea.

Note we do not control content the adult language on this page. So if you see some adult language be warned.

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Message (Posted on Thursday 7th of April 2005):
I think female pics would be nice. ps. halo the game sux.


Email Address:[email protected]
Message (Posted on Friday 1st of April 2005):
Well this idea came to me a while ago I would love to see more unicorns stallions, that would be cool to see especially doing solo pictures. I seen one picture that was really awesome of a solo picture of a unicorn that was chained up laying down of course it was a stallion saw it once never saw it again. Well would love to see more unicorns especially the stallions. Thanx fur ur time Halo.

Message (Posted on Tuesday 29th of March 2005):
I male wolf figure leaning seductively on a tree in a forest area

Cougars Please

Name:Darkstar Concolor
Message (Posted on Monday 28th of March 2005):
I'd love to see more Cougars/panthers/mountain lions, what ever you'd like to call us, lol. Your art is amazing and I'd love to see your rendition of a well developed female cougar mounted atop her enthralled mate, her knees tight into him, leaning gracefully back with her paws on his thighs, her long back arched gracefully, her full breasts pointing upward capturing his eyes, her head tipped back with a wanton expression so that her long hair(umm, blonde would be very nice, lol) teasing his legs as she leans back, riding him. His paws spread out on the inside of her thighs as he lays under her, his body very slightly arched up to meet her, his tiny nipples standing up, and his head slightly raised as he watches her. The background looking windy, the sky lit by the jagged lightening arking over them with the same furosity as their mating. Ok, rather detailed, but boy would I love to see it, lol. *grins* Thanks for reading though this and I look forward to more great art.
Darkstar Concolor

Native / Regal

Email Address:[email protected]
Message (Posted on Sunday 6th of March 2005):

I would like to suggest on more male nude pics of native or regal anthros, especially dolphins, various birds, other bovines, and marine life.

Thank you.

Message (Posted on Wednesday 16th of February 2005):
I'd love to see Rog's art style applied to the character "Ratchet" from Ratchet and Clank, a PS2 game.... Or, at least, a Lombax in general ;x

Message (Posted on Tuesday 1st of February 2005):

Black Wolf

Name:Aenin Izeoi
Message (Posted on Monday 24th of January 2005):
I think you should draw a jet black wolf, with brown eyes, several scars on his arms and chest, and loin cloth. No piercings or weapons of any sort. This with a sort of foresty/mountainy background.

Message (Posted on Thursday 20th of January 2005):
It'd be nice to see some raver style pics,
Chemsticks, beads, and fur what could go wrong lol

Message (Posted on Wednesday 12th of January 2005):
I see very few birds here. I'd like to see ravens depicted as noble, instead of the foolish stereotypes created for them.
Besides, I really like 'em!

Message (Posted on Friday 7th of January 2005):
I think u should drawother animals like elphants or bovine.the big animals need love to.

Message (Posted on Friday 7th of January 2005):
i think you should draw more females.you draw them very and it well be cool to see some more.

Message (Posted on Friday 7th of January 2005):
I love your work but especially the horses and dalmations. I woudl love to see more adult art dalmations.

African Wildlife. . .

Message (Posted on Friday 31st of December 2004):
the african (sawana?) with lions, hyenas, tigers, and other african mammals.
oh oh oh and some turists maybe

sorry if its misspelled

Horse Training

Email Address:[email protected]
Message (Posted on Saturday 25th of December 2004):
I love the horse training pic done here and would love to see more like it I love it when furrie are used like a animal.


Email Address:[email protected]
Message (Posted on Saturday 25th of December 2004):
Okay I look many places but this idea seem not very open idea. I think a cowtaur is sexy with large breast on the human half and a beautiful milk fill uder (I suck at spelling please forgive me). This type of creater is hard to find and would love to see mating scenes and milking scenes with such a cowtaur. I hope you will used this idea.

Email Address:[email protected]
Message (Posted on Wednesday 22nd of December 2004):
how about drawing a fight scene bewteen a human and an anthro

Message (Posted on Friday 17th of December 2004):
Dude, I must say, you've totally neglected the gorilla. Some hot gorilla on gorilla action would be great.

A humble suggestion...

Name:Spiked Punch
Message (Posted on Wednesday 15th of December 2004):
Wolves! Wolves! Wolves! Wolves! Wolves! Wolves!
And when you got that done, throw in more Wolves!
You can never go wrong with Wolves! ^_^

I have to agree with one of the last suggestions, a sled team of huskies and a polar bear would be interesting. Though Huskies in general are a good wolf replacment if you can not find any wolves around for some reason. More than likely they would be busy with each other, but we will not go into that at the current moment.

What about bats or flying foxes? Or other "flying" mammals?
Otters are good too!

Email Address:[email protected]
Message (Posted on Wednesday 15th of December 2004):
I read in national geographic how a man in churchill canada had his sled dogs tied to ground during the thaw. thats when the polar bears wake from months of hibernation and search for food. this man was at one end of the line up with his gun in the house when he saw a polar bear apparently going for his dog that was farthest away. no time to help he thought his dog was surely dead, but instead the dog and bear both growled the same at each other. and for the next five or ten minutes they played with each other. at the end the bear walked off and neither was harmed at all. the amazed man saw a repeat of this behavior for three days in a row untill the ice melted enough for the bear to search for prey( seals). SEEING YOUR IDEA BOOK GAVE ME AN IMAGE OF FOUR OR SIX MANLIKE SLED DOGS PULLING A HUGE SLED. THEY LOOK JOYOUS PULLING THEIR MUSHER--- A MODIFIED POLAR BEAR { STRONG PECS,MEDICINE BALL BELLY,HUGE THIGHS; EYES SHUT WITH HEAD TASTING THE WIND, A SMILE ON HIS FACE ALSO, TRUSTING HIS SLED DOGS TO SEE THEM ALL SAFELY HOME. I hope this image gives you a good feeling about sled dogs and polar bears.

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