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Rog Minotaur's Idea Book

Rog Minotaur works the best drawing pictures that Rog is in the mood to draw at the time. Doing commissions does slow down this creative process and is the reason why Rog doesn't do them.

Rog Minotaur does like to hear people's ideas and suggestions. While these ideas may never be used it might influce future art.

Suggesting an idea may not get the idea done ever, nor if Rog Minotaur does an art peice that is close to the idea means she is doing a picture on that idea. This is just a way for you (the fans) to tell what things you might like to see in the future - not a promise or commision of doing it.

Warning: Any demands for something to be drawn or entries that isn't an idea (like guest book enteries or shout outs) will be ignored and/or deleted. Any idea that is submitted is not expected to be done by Rog Minotaur nor do you keep the copyright of the idea.

Note we do not control content the adult language on this page. So if you see some adult language be warned.

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feline friends meet their match

Message (Posted on Monday 16th of August 2010):
Yoshi licked her fur and preened. She felt so silky and velvety when her fur looked this good. Her tail stood up high. She knew she had to get out or her 'calling' would wake up the neighborhood. She squirmed,twisted her body and stretched out to paint her last claw red. One big Tom cat and she'd be in heaven. Tonight would be safety in numbers. Kitty was coming with her. Kitty emerged from her sleep, rubbing her paws over her sleepy eyes. Her tail was erect too. She knew Yoshie yearned for the same as her. A big hairy Tom Cat. Or two or three big hairy Tom cats. Why stop at one? The bigger the better. She wanted choice. She adjusted the sparkly collar around her neck. she arched her back and pushed her dainty little derriere up. Better to practise good advertising techniques now, while there was time. you ready Yoshie? Mmmmmnn purred Yoshie and daintily she ran her tongue along Kitty's side. 'You look ravishing, sweetness'. Kitty flicked her tail. Yoshie caught the tail in her mouth and ran her tongue along the length until she reached a small tight little hole. 'Your arse spells so inviting my darling. Can i lick it?' Kitty purred. 'only if i can return the favour ?' Be my guest. They both licked and tenderly probed places they'd never been before. Taking each other over the edge, but gently. Yet instead of just satisfying them their games has resulting in ramped up desire for their original goal. The biggest baddest horniest Tom cat they could find, or could find them. That would not be hard. Their earlier games had released more feline hormones that only a randy Tom cat would recognise instantly. For though Kitty and Yoshi had benn satisfying each other, both knew this alone could not compete with what they both wanted. A big masculine Tom Cat. the randier and hornier the better. The left their home and sauntered down their Alley. They both knew they looked good. As they entered the town square they saw eyes giving them a 'once over'. It just got better by the minute. Ten big male cat eyed them up and down. One mangy ginger cat came over first. No way, Kitty knew which one she wanted, and it wasnt Ginger. She hissed at Ginger and flashed her claws so he would retreat. She could go straight up to HardOne. But that was too easy. Yoshie was eyeing the Black Siamese. He gave her a haughty dismiss. Kitty didn't care. She had to think about herself before Yoshi. Two more contenders were swatted away. Then HardOne made his move. She could see he wanted her, no matter how nonchalant he acted. He walked all around her. She didn't flick him away. He grabbed her neck with his claws and held her steady. He nudged her tail out of the way. And hunched over her. He heaved himself into position and sunk his teeth into her neck. His cock slipped into her while she sqirmed from the pain his teeth were giving her. Ah bliss. A cock will filling her. She squeezed and could feel a hard mass pressing against her inner walls. And then the pain. She had forgotten the tiny claws in a cat's penis, that came out to anchor him in her. She let out a call to curdle devil's blood. But she knew it was the way. So that she couln't change her mind before the climax. He was all business. HardOne set up a thrusting rythmn. Like a machine. He relaxed him grip on her neck when he felt her respond and they worked in unison. The pain from his tiny claws inside her lessened as he pushed into her with all his might. Nothing would stop his climax. She could feel it building. He hovered for a brief second and tensed hard all over. From then on it was inevitable. Her muscles contracted and released. He was close to coming. But he paid attention to raising her pleasure even more. Despite his bulk, and way he was pinning her down, she felt nothing but admiration and awe for his might. She wanted him so much, she murmured as much. And he let his muscled body ripple beneath her. Soon baby, soon. And he growled and made a noise like no other. She felt a rapid release of his seed into her. And again. And again. She removed his cock quickly. The tiny penis claws scraped like barbed wire and tore away a little skin. She wend to claw him back. But his paw caught her in time. Relax my sweet. The short pain on removal is nothing to the pleasure have given me. And you? She couldn't say a word. Her body was feeling so horny now that even the cats she sad no to before could all mount her. So delicious did she feel. If this was feline sex, then she was uo for it. Which ever cat wanted it, she wanted it too. A cat's day was never done, and she wasn't called an Alley Cat for nothing. For the rest of the day she was any one's whore for screwing. She knew the next few hours would be a sexual paradise. Only then did she hope Kitty was as close to feeling as she dido at

roger rides again

Message (Posted on Sunday 15th of August 2010):
Roger stood poised on the crest of the hill. Lifted his nostrils to the win. Even from here he could smell her. Beatrice was in heat again. He loved screwing her, she went off like a cracker every time. But she was busy. His muscled horse legs straightened. He twisted his neck around. He knew how much Beatrice liked fucking a half man,half horse. But the randy whore hadn't waited. From the scene before him he could see she'd been hard at it for hours. His cock tightened. His balls swung as he turned to gallop down to her. But not yet. She could wait. He'd seen a furry bear he'd been waiting for all winter. His first cum of the day would be given in full view of Beatrice. To the bear. The randy bear didn't need encouragement, he stood up on his hind legs and greeted Roger. Then he dropped to all fours and reached under Roger's flank. He suckled the cock as greedily as a newborn. Roger writhed with pleasure, kicking away a small dog that dried to dry root his leg. He felt the release of his protein shake into the throat of the bear who slurped and sucked until he was dry. He gave it one more shake and the bear released his cock. He cd still feel it contracting and relaxing. His eyes closed remembering the pleasure of it. When suddenly he felt the bear grip him and ride a bear cock deep into the recesses of his back passage. Now Beatrice would be fuming. Two cocks hard and needing a fuck, but neither for her. He shoved his buttocks back into the bear. But the bear had his paws wrapped around Rogers mane. The bear held on and worked it like a hot piston. In. His body almost lifted off the ground with the force of the thrust. Out. At which point he pushed back hard with his rump. The bear responded and rammed his cock back into Roger. Two big horny males who loved fucking as hard as their strength allowed. This would turn Beatrice on to a mighty extent. But her pleasure would have to wait. The bear's stamina was a perfect match for his. The heat generated melted the snow beneath them and a crowd gathered. But he and the bear could have been the last 2 furries on the planet, so hard and powerful were their thrusts. Roger felt himself harden more, and felt the passage of cum start to move down his engorged member. Waves of pulsing muscle made his climax more pleasurable . The bear too felt it too, and heaved into him harder again. He felt the first high velocity spurt as the bear started to offload his huge cargo of thick milky semen deep within Roger's fuck canal. With one more hard push the bear let his cock ease out and it hit the inside of Roger's hind leg. it was too much for a pert luscious little doe eyed deer. She suckled Roger and the bear in turn and drank every last drip of semen from the ends of their cocks. Beatrice had never satisfied him as fully as this huge man bear had done today.

milk and honey

Message (Posted on Sunday 15th of August 2010):
Breasty Beatrice lay back languidly, resting her buttocks into his crotch, feeling his big cock writhing in her anal passage. He was pinned below her. His legs outstretched as his cock pile drove into her tight tunnel. Beatrice's breasts lay out bare, spilling milk over his fingers as he cupped his palms around her tits and squeezed hard. Two hungry wolves licked the dripping milk. While a ravenous lioness sat haunched over Beatrice's quivering folds, slick with cum from her previous suitor. I'm parched said the lioness. Lick it up commanded Beatrice, I'm not finished, for over the valley she had seen the approach of always virile half man, half horse.

horsing around

Message (Posted on Saturday 14th of August 2010):
a sandy coloured unicorn with long mane and luscious long tail standing almost upright againt a similarly standing charcoal coloured draught horse. Coming together, both using their erect penis to connect and twine together. Their tongue tips touching. While a huge breasted winged goddess hovers above dangling her breasts above them, dripping milk onto their tongues while her own fingers work their own magic on her clitoris. She wants some action but the unicorn is not interested. But later the draught horse may give her some cum-sideration

watery one

Message (Posted on Saturday 14th of August 2010):
a huge oversized 6feet high huge bull frog in a super shiny green and white spotted skin with an extended dick is about to straddle a large anaconda snake. His heavy big diameter dick extends 18 inches out, but the bull frog needs to keep the snake busy so he can clamp on and service the snake. Luckily he is able to enlist a princess who tried to kiss him (he's no prince, she made a mistake). He'd rather give her a spectacle first. Her body is warm enough to attract the anaconda so he helps insert the front of the anaconda into her. Now he is able to really satisfy himself and the anaconda while she gets explored by the anaconda

unsatisfiable until now

Message (Posted on Saturday 14th of August 2010):
female with long hair with horns poking out of her hair, a huge dildo discarded at her side as a solid muscled long haired furry highland bull starts to go in to mount her from behind. While she sucks on the long extended cock of a furry black bear standing legs apart in front of her. Her thick red lips clamped onto the engorged dick. Her hands stretched out on either side as she milks the flowing semen from two dogs, one on either side. The semen dripping over her arms. Two more dogs each waiting behind the dogs she's pulling, waiting for their turn. While several other dogs, clearly spent from being wanked lie fucked to one side, languid in satisfaction, too stuffed to clean up the last beads on cum on their dicks.

celebrating birth

Message (Posted on Saturday 14th of August 2010):
male elephant with extended erect penis that has partially started entering the male giraffe while elephant wraps his trunk around an adjacent female zebra with her nipple shown dripping milk on to her newborn, (namely her elephebra) , where zebra has just given birth to a zebra/elephant cross. At the base of giraffe's legs are several african hunting dogs and some hyena all with erect penis and each dog jockeying for positions to masterbate at base of giraffes legs. Look of lust in wild eyed elephant

Message (Posted on Monday 19th of July 2010):
Start a comic about the different art posts.

Message (Posted on Wednesday 23rd of June 2010):
I know most people are rooting for more m/m art, but I think it'd be a nice change to see f/f art, preferably of species that aren't so common in the fandom.

Spirit Animals Alive.

Message (Posted on Monday 17th of May 2010):
I myself and a furry and my mate is willing to try it out for me. He asked a question tonight on if Wolves and Deers could mate.

I would love to see either M/M or M/F of the pairing. The Wolf would be the female in the pairing and the bottom if it were between men, as my animal is the wolf and he is very much the Buck.

Skunk, Blue Bear and 'Taur

Message (Posted on Saturday 17th of April 2010):
A male minotaur fucking a male skunk while bieng milked by a helpful blue bear. (please make them muscular but not overly muscular)

The eye is amazing!

Message (Posted on Thursday 15th of April 2010):
I was looking at the kettle, and I could see my eye. Then it occurred to me that I was using that eye to see.

The a viewer, only sees where the view was placed in the paintings world. So if you have an eye somewhere, looking at a mirror/reflection. It's like the viewer looking at the painting, is the eye, in the painting.


Cool Url:http://i825.photobucket.com/albums/zz174/grandtheftandrea/OREO-2.jpg
Message (Posted on Friday 2nd of April 2010):
Pygmy goat? Picture in url

Humans and furries?

Message (Posted on Saturday 27th of February 2010):
I would love to see normal humans, (preferably men) being mounted by some of these muscular horses or bulls you have!
And more than one on him at once would be a nice treat. <3

Body Sketch References

Email Address:[email protected]
Message (Posted on Tuesday 16th of February 2010):
Why not work some full length back and front male/female body pics? For other artists who want to be as good as you.

I would ask for your Minotaur character for the male reference (cause he's cool and I guess used to being used as a nude figure) and for female, I have no specific request as long as she's sexy ;) XD

Email Address:[email protected]
Message (Posted on Friday 12th of February 2010):
that's cool.

Maybe some adult art with human and wolves.
the best both of them are male..

or like the "Druid:Watching In Wolvan Clothing

Name:Horse lover
Message (Posted on Wednesday 3rd of February 2010):
Any pictures of nude horses would be great! As long as you can see their cocks!

Message (Posted on Monday 18th of January 2010):
I think the pictures are the best:) I would like to see more m/m horses their my favourite

Message (Posted on Monday 18th of January 2010):
could you do more m/m furry pictures

Message (Posted on Thursday 14th of January 2010):
needs more f/m furry

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