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Rog Minotaur's Idea Book

Rog Minotaur works the best drawing pictures that Rog is in the mood to draw at the time. Doing commissions does slow down this creative process and is the reason why Rog doesn't do them.

Rog Minotaur does like to hear people's ideas and suggestions. While these ideas may never be used it might influce future art.

Suggesting an idea may not get the idea done ever, nor if Rog Minotaur does an art peice that is close to the idea means she is doing a picture on that idea. This is just a way for you (the fans) to tell what things you might like to see in the future - not a promise or commision of doing it.

Warning: Any demands for something to be drawn or entries that isn't an idea (like guest book enteries or shout outs) will be ignored and/or deleted. Any idea that is submitted is not expected to be done by Rog Minotaur nor do you keep the copyright of the idea.

Note we do not control content the adult language on this page. So if you see some adult language be warned.

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Sagittarius and Taurus.

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Message (Posted on Sunday 6th of March 2016):
A sexy centaur with a nice round butt and sexy little tight hole, waiting for his sexy Minotaur's big cock (not extremely huge but a decent size).
The centaur is a slim figured young man (I'd be the model of course) with a sexy bubble ass, long hair blowing to the side as he turns his head back to gaze at the Minotaur; who is a hunkier male with furry chest nice thick legs, bearded and big horns. ;)


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m/m Minotaur

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Message (Posted on Wednesday 27th of March 2013):
I am very fond of Minotaurs the anthrobull kind. I have written, well almost completed a story called Kalnik.
A solitary Minotaur, Kalnik takes in a human that has been banished from his village for being with his horse.
Kalnik and Boynton become involved with each other.

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Message (Posted on Monday 7th of November 2011):

Der Steppenwolf

Message (Posted on Monday 22nd of August 2011):
i think it would be great if you drew a picture to the novel "Der Steppenwolf" by Hermann Hesse. If you dont know, you could read it what wouldnt be a too bad idea or just look it up on Wiki.
It's a really cool story!


Mimi returns

Message (Posted on Friday 17th of September 2010):
She twisted her neck, she wanted to bite into him, let him know how good she felt. He wasted no time. He didn't need to, she'd already alerted him earlier how much she craved his loving. How much she wanted him in her. No preliminaries required. He knew she meant it. And so he'd obliged. Bumping and nudging her into her little space, and not caring who noticed. And she'd needed no encouragement. Her body language would alert any male to how eager she was for a fully rip snorting full service horny fuck. Her body craved it, and he knew it. 'my little Jezebel, that's what you are Mimi, i can't get enough of you,' he whispered. Pierre licked her and sniffed her, brushing his dick on her as he moved all over her. She turned over into her most submissive position, 'just fuck me, as hard, harder than ever before,' she replied. He entered her immediately. His erection had been clear to all, earlier, as soon as he'd approached her out in the eating area of the rat nest. He never bothered to hide his erection, he let it stick out proud, showing what he wanted, and who. It was his home, his girls, his babies. If he wanted a fuck, he walked up to his chosen one, dick out hard for all to see. He was master here. The females sick of fucking very ably cared for the babies. Or collected food. His role was to protect them all and fuck whoever he fancied. Right now he fancied her. And she him, with a passion, bordering on a slut's adulation for the best fuck in Paris. Her obvious ever present desire for sex might make the other females wonder, but Pierre was satisfied that she was solely his. And she was determined to show her appreciation the only way she knew how. How she loved being fucked. She sighed with eager anticipation as soon as his thrusting started. Her back arched and her muscles contracted and squeezed his lava filled cock within her. Her pussy felt on fire and only his molten semen could quench her heated desire. She responded more with every thrust from him down into her love tunnel. The air around them warmed to the heat they gave off. He surged his hard cock into her and it felt electric. She loved his body recognising her passion for him. She twisted her body to give dick more pleasure as it spiralled into her. She wasn't sure if the shuddering of the walls above was just the trucks thumping alone on the road above, or if it was their sex together that was doing the same to the walls. Bump! Thrust! Squeeze! Bump again. She gave him every encouragement, 'fuck me harder' she urged and he did. Pierre gripped her neck in his teeth, his saliva ensured her neck was now as wet as her cunt. He let go for a moment and she felt his hot panting warm her neck. He grunted again and kept up the pace with more passionate thrusts. She wiggled her body again and felt his beautiful thighs tighten his grip on her. She could feel his penis entering and withdrawing with ever increasing ease, slipping and sliding down her very wet sex route to sexual heaven. For him and for her. Mimi was not sure where her body started and ended and which was Pierre and which was her. Her passage and Pierre's cock seemed melded into one beautiful, meant to be, mass of sexual being. They must have fucked for ages, but the time had felt like seconds. Time had stood still. She felt like she was in another world when Pierre did his pole dancing with her. Pierre was eager and proud. He gave one more huge thumping lunge into her with his cock. Time seemed to stand still. He held his cock in her, even though she knew he'd come. Like he wanted to stay in her forever. She sure wanted that too. Then he shook his rooting rod in her to empty every last drop of his seed into her. Finally his cock slipped out, glistening and coated with his cum and her lubrication she emited when he'd brought her to her peak. He nipped her neck and sniffed her appreciatively all over. She felt so loved. And he bid her a charming goodbye. She knew he had other mates to service. And felt so glad she was one of them. She looked around. It was safe and private. It was bliss to be fucked like this. She'd been missing out before, this was true pampering. Earlier Pierre had come to check everything was to her liking. He was so kindly to her. It amazed her that life could be so good after the servitude and abuse she'd suffered from Larry. Mimi looked around, Pierre and his family had thought of everything. The larder in Pierre's place was full too, something Larry had never achieved. Her space was lovely, lined with soft padding of old straw. Further along the nursery had babies being attended to by their Aunties. Pretty soon, shte knew, her babies would be joining them. Just then she smelt Pierre approaching. Time for some more fun with her sexy partner. Life was so good.

Paris in spring

Message (Posted on Sunday 5th of September 2010):
she heard scurrying. This was a new tunnel. It was not her territory. She felt so horney. She stepped back into a narrower tunnel to let the stranger pass. But he entered right where she was crouching. He stopped, stood up and sniffed. 'caught you!'He sounded so pleased. She stood up too. It was so dark. He thrust himself at her and his erect cock touched her. It was electric. She went into a submissive pose and he mounted her, thrusting with more force than she'd ever felt. Hard powerful bone jarring fucking like she'd never enjoyed before. She responded with her own gygrations which resulting in increased eagerness from him. So this is what a real fuck was like? Boy had she been missing out. With one final climax of passion from him she finally knew what it meant to be satisfied. He pulled out, and whispered 'that's more like it. Stick around, there plenty more of that, if you want it?' she was still panting, but she managed to get out, 'i want it'. He let his whiskers connect with hers and took in her scent. And with that he was gone. Suck it bitch, just suck it. You stupid rodent you're not sucking right. Stuff you, i'll get it elsewhere if you can't suck me, and he pushed her head down on to his flacid cock. But it was useless. Larry kicked her away. It wasn't her fault that he couldn't get an erection any more. And from then on Mimi knew she'd never go back to her old partner. Mimi was so over Larry Rattus-Horribilis. He liked to boast about his 'noble line' but to her he'd become a liability. He always stunk. Sure they lived in the sewers of Paris. But she kept herself clean. And lately he'd been away night after night. Said he'd got lost. As if. And he'd kept failing to sustain an erection for so long she didn't know why she bothered. Larry got up, didn't even bother to sniff her as he walked out. And that was another thing, they hardly had any walnuts stored for spring. She had to go out and find some. Somewhere new. Off she started in the opposite direction she and Larry usually took. She turned a corner and came across a sleek muscled rat silhouetted by light that was shining through the grate above. He came over to her and she saw fire in his eyes. There were other rats nearby and they stopped to stare. 'hello, you new around here?' he asked her and edged closer to her. 'I'm Pierre, my little sweet one, and you would be?' and he pressed close to her. She didn't know him and all eyes were on her, but she didn't care, she melted into him, sniffed him, and whispered her name into his ear. He didn't miss a beat, but responded back in a suggestive little rubbing of his body with hers. And she responded the same. There was a collective gasp from the onlookers. He let his cheek rub hers, 'i love a wild sexy one, and his voice growled with a deep and sexy lilt. She could not remember how long it was since another male had come on to her. Larry was no good in bed, but he was aggressive and would fight to the death any rival who approached her. Larry was not here, but what if word got back to him. Pierre was younger and more virile looking, but she did not want anything bad to happen to this new Rat. She pondered again on the welcome stranger. She gave him another indication how receptive she was to him. And she raised her tail to make entry easier. She turned her head away from the gawking onlookers. And Pierre took the decision from her. He probed slowly,he felt for her response. He brought his hind legs into position and she yielded further with a seductive twisting of her hips. He started a slow powerful rhythmic thrust and withdraw. Oh it was so beautiful. Long slow entry, and extra push, a responding contraction from her. And then her muscles attempted to propel him out, but it only added to the pleasure as her muscles did a rippling roll inside that massaged his cock. He made approving noises. They kept pace with each other rocking and rolling towards an inevitable fiery satisfying climax. And when it was clear they were fully satisfied the voyeurs all around them in the tunnel erupted into applause.'i'll be seeing you, dont go too far' he told her, as he started to leave. Her lip curled. Her privates gave one more flippant contraction. Yes, she'd made her mind up. This new stranger was her kind of partner. Anytime he wanted to couple again she would position herself with an offer he couldn't refuse.

three musketeers, Rod, Dick & Hung

Message (Posted on Friday 27th of August 2010):
hey Rod, Dick and I want to go on the prowl tonight, you interested? Rod gave his mate, Hung, a withering look. Hung was indeed true to his name. He was a Great Dane, all sleek, but also very well hung. And every bitch on heat that he ever sidled up to commented on it. Whereas Dick, previously a Police Sniffer dog, now used his skills to detect the nearest bitch filled with desire, or his talents. As a fit Alsation he knew he could make other dogs part to allow him first pick of the girls . And then there was Rod. Not a pure breed. In truth a mixed breed street smart bitzer. But could he rock the bitches crazy with desire. And tonight was just that night

Girly and Dick

Message (Posted on Sunday 22nd of August 2010):
she told her Mum all about her conversation with Dick. Her mother was resigned to the inevitable. But some of the other ewes said 'hussy' just loud enough for her to hear. But when Dick came into the paddock with his blue dye bib at the front so that he could mark every ewe he covered he gave her a knowing look and a wink. She settled down to wait her turn. Her mum agreed to be the penultimate coupling, just so none of the other ewes could not say any more to her. Because her mum was an older ewe that gave her an imporant position in the flock. Girly watched and learnt as she watched Dick skilfully mount each ewe. When her time came her mum whispered ,'you'll be fine dear, Dick's very good' By this time most of the ewes were sleeping or just setling down to sleep. All had blue dye on their backs, except Girly. Though soon she'd have blue dye on her too. She could hardly wait. Dick ambled over to her. Come over this way with me and she followed to a nice part of the paddock. Leaving most of the flock further to the west. He moved around her, appraising every tuft of wool on her. 'very nice,' he judged. 'i'll be gentle to start, you just tell me if it gets too much, ok? Now you stand still, i want you to get to know me,' and with that he let his nose touch hers. He sniffed her again, 'want to see it all before it enters you? My cock that is? Smell it' She'd never seen it up close, only fleetingly, 'ooh yes' she replied eagerly. Dick nudged her and tripped her up with one of his legs. She went over on her side. Next Dick was standing over her and stradling her body. And this huge long pink thing was waving in her face. He ticked her nose with it. 'is that your pppenis?' she stammered. 'it is indeed my cock, my penis, my rod, pipette. You can call it what you like. Smell it. You like?' Her muscles contracted and a growling need started to burn within her. She writhed and turned until she was upright. It was so long and big, she wasn't sure how he'd ever get it into her but without thinking she blurted out, 'I want it now' .Dick gave her a nod, 'thought as much, you're a horny one. I'll go as long as you like. And if that's not enough we'll do it again and again, ok?' and with that Dick came around the back of her and positioned his hind legs. He'd decided to probe and tease first. After all she was a virgin and she did want the works. Better that most ewes hated getting fucked, that way he could get through all of them quickly. Not often did he find one who asked for it. His cock slid into Girly like a rat up a drain pipe. All soft and smooth inside. And she was already using her muscles to give him pleasure. Her mother must have instructed her. It was similar technique to what he'd felt with Girly's mum. Girly was clearly up to a full deep thrust already so he sunk it in deep. He felt a slight tremor in her legs, so he brought his own hind legs in closer to support her. And reduced his weight on her back. She responded with appreciative murmurs. So he upped the pace. Driving it in, feeling her squeeze then her muscles trying to propel him out. Then she'd draw him back in. And he'd plunge in harder again. He pushed his body into her close. The pace of his fuck caused his ball bag to flail around. And he knew his balls were connecting with her privates. He stood up for a moment. In the moonlight she looked and felt glorious. Her response was in synch with his. He varied his response and she moved her arse to reply, moving her cunt and her arse up and down. Then she changed it to a side to side movement. Then she heave her arse into him just as he plunged in again. 'This is beautiful,' he exclaimed. 'fuck me and fuck me good,' she replied urgently. She was panting now. He was so close to the edge now, but determined to give her what she asked for. He could feel his juice building up. 'Girly you're fantastic. I'm going to come, i'm comin' baby... Oh Girly, Girly' he was panting hard now. Still plunging into her over and over again. This was the heaven she'd always envisaged. He reached down low over her and nipped her ear, her neck. His hard muscled legs kept bumping into her. His upper thighs were spread wide over her, such that he was half sitting over her buttocks. The word 'riding' her was indeed apt. He nudged her this way and that. He whirled his dick in her round and round, in and out. Spiralling into her and then slowly withdrawing. But his plunges in were fast and furious. He was thumping into her. Her whole body tingled. Her panting became harder and she suddenly felt suffused with heat inside. And she was awash inside with his semen. It even made squelchy noises as his cock did a final thrash around in her. Then ever so slowly her withdrew. His cock hung down, spent, but stil out of his sheaf. He came alongside her. And they rubbed together along the length of their bodies. And then stood together, panting, holding each other up. Didn't need words. But they'd do it again, soon. Just as soon as they'd recovered from this first time together. Now Dick had to work out how he could make that happen.

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