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The scribblings of other minotaur, wolves, other furry animals, and even you won't believe this.... humans are scribbled here.

Why don't you join them?

Note we do not control content the adult language on this page. So if you see some adult language be warned.

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Great to see that you are still around. =D


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Message (Posted on Friday 3rd of August 2018):
jm man you know sexy street

im in love with furries

Message (Posted on Saturday 14th of July 2018):
Minotaurs are cool and smexy, and I love their hooves.

Email Address:[email protected]
Message (Posted on Tuesday 26th of June 2018):
I like it


Message (Posted on Thursday 8th of March 2018):
I am returning to this page for the first time in almost 5 years. I didnít leave on purpose, just life. However, I couldnít be thrilled to type in the address and still see RM up and running!!! Thank you so much!!!


Email Address:[email protected]
Message (Posted on Saturday 20th of January 2018):
Hello. And Bye.

Rodrik was here!

Name:Cool pupper
Message (Posted on Thursday 20th of July 2017):
Some of the best Art I've seen in my life!

Message (Posted on Saturday 29th of April 2017):
This website is one of the reasons I'm a furry. I found it in 2003 or so and I'm still identify myself as a furry. Thank you for helping me get into the fandom.

Message (Posted on Sunday 16th of April 2017):
I still remember when I first found this site years ago, when I was fairly new to the fandom. such great artwork, I really hope to see more from you one day.


Email Address:[email protected]
Message (Posted on Thursday 2nd of February 2017):
Well written! +1

Message (Posted on Monday 9th of January 2017):
I love to watch fantasy art

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