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Heating up the Cool Water

Please note: The following story has adult situation and terms. Reader discretion is advised.

A dream, set in stone

      Eric couldn´t refuse the offer.  After two years of peddling his dream script around Hollywood and giving it out to studios and producers he never had this happen.

      Most of the time the producers would only provide him the sound of his script being thrown into the garbage can.  But last week an unbelievable thing happens, a producer called him back and want to talk to him in person about the script. With script in hand Eric drove his car thinking the whole time "It all boils down to this".  Every once in a while looking in the passenger seat, looking at his l script that he put over 2 years of his life into, his baby. Every mile he drove and every look at his script he became a little more confidence and more excited that this will be the day.  The day his dream script will have a willing buyer.

      As he drives up to the huge mansion he kept his thoughts focused on the script.  But he couldn´t help but to feel nervous as the mansion dwarfed him and his car making him feel all so small.  He knows this producer is a big producer and has the money to fuel his dream.  He knew that he was coming up as a poor nobody with just a dream and a nervous smile.  Just like him his 1997 Ford Taurus didn´t match the rest of the parked fleet of cars he passed nor the outside of the mansion that he parked in front of.  He tried to ignore that fact as he climbed out and looked around.  The rich looking well kept outside, just reminded how much he was out class in this situation.  As he looked at the beautiful fountains he reminded himself that what he was doing is not begging, but an investment for the producer.

      And with those thoughts he lifted his head proud, but his tiger tail betrayed him by nervously twitching as he walks up to the front door.  With a deep breath he slowly presses the doorbell, letting his ears hear the echoing gongs announcing his arrival.  The time he waited felt endless and his thoughts drift silently back to the same thought he thought for the last few days, strangeness of meeting this producer on the weekend at his home office. Eric didn´t have too much time to consider why for a bull butler opens the mansion door.

      Feeling a little intimidate looking upon this monster of muscles. Intimidated Eric could only muster enough strength to clears his throat and weakly say, "Eric CadFish here to see Mr. Leehe, I have an appointment."

      The butler quietly looks over Mr. Cadfish.  Noting his fine muscle structure and his nervous smile.  The butler let his lips form a smile, "We have been expecting you, come with me."

      His first step into Leehe´s mansion was like a fairy tail to Eric.  His meager existence didn´t prepare him for this spectacular scene.  Paintings, statues, and fine artifacts litter the room entryway.  Eric quickly realized all the items of his apartment couldn´t even buy a picture in the entryway of the mansion.   His eyes jutted and darted from item to item.  Some he recognized in art books, and some he wished he did before but all were masterpieces of work.

      "Ah hem", the bull clears his throat, "Mr. Leehe requires that all his visitors get searched."  He motions to Eric to hand him the script, which Eric allows the butler to take it out of his hands.  The bull flips through the pages and then sets the script to the side.  He pats and presses Eric´s body.  First patting everywhere quickly then spending some extra time prodding the groin.  With the extra attention Eric´s thoughts and body involuntary stirred at the uncomfortable unwanted touch. He steps back covering his crotch with one and shaking his right hand, "I think you searched me close enough."  He pauses to allow the bull to step back a little puzzled but accepting the result. "Is Mr. Leehe is ready to see me?"

      The butler seriously looks at the rebel, "Well Mr. Cadfish."  He pauses and then lets out a smile satisfied he did his job, "I will contact Mr. Leehe of your arrival, stay here."  He walks slowly out the room.

      Eric looks around the room studying the art and the culture that is laid out in front of his eyes.  He smiles at the painting of a buff equine charging into battle.  The painting almost looked like a real picture of a real battle.  The detail was captivating.  The feeling, the emotion, was beyond any artist he has ever seen.  The artist has captured a moment in life that looking at the painting it was hard to believe it wasn´t real.

      As he moved to the next picture his keen ears picked up the whirl of a motor.  His eye matched where the noise was coming from a video camera, which seemed to be aimed right now at his lower body.  He moved a few steps to the left and the camera follows his movements.  He shivers at the thought of his search might of been video taped.

      "Mr. Leehe is ready to see you."  The voice bellowed from behind, causing Eric to jump and turn around.  The butler grinned a little wider at the scared feline. But his face reassured that it wasn´t done in jest and he walked out of the entryway.  Eric, for a moment, thought about asking the butler about the cameras.  Not wanting to risk funding he kept his mouth shut and followed the butler into the hallway.

      Each hallway was unbelievable to Eric; for every hallway he walked into was a shrine to Mr. Leehe´s excess life style.  Each piece of art in each new hallway out doing the last, each one a masterpiece in it´s own right, each one capturing man in his most deep dark moments.  Eric mumbles his thought silently to himself, "One of these paintings alone could fund my movie". The bull lead him unexpectedly outside into the sunlight.

      The sun beat down open the garden and Eric paused for a moment.  Which became a stop viewing the wonder and beauty of the garden around him.  Among the paths and bushes stand rows of status standing against the sun.  Well kept, these statutes were carved in the shape of various species from foxes to wolves to even a unicorn done in a detail only a master artist man could do. The attention detail was to the point the most minuet detail in the fur and skin were carved masterfully in the stone.  Each one capture male life in a nude aroused erotic state as if the statues were photographs of real life.  Eric couldn´t help to walk over to one of these gray statues.  Eric stood in awe at the experience.  In a moment that seemed like forever he stare into the perfect eyes of an aroused lupine lover.  And for that moment he thought what it would be like to be the lover of this perfect specimen. To be capture in stone in his hands.

      The bull stops and smiles as he notice Eric wasn´t following his strides. He silent got closer to watch the tiger touch the stone fur of the lupine statue.

      Eric couldn´t believe how real the stone feels as his own claws ripple through the stone of the lupine as if it was fur.

      The butler watch with a joy as Eric visible enjoyed watching and feeling and stroking the magnificent art.  Then Eric´s better side stop his exotic erotic thoughts and get back to the task that he was here to do.  To help realize his dream not capture a deep dark unfilled fantasy.  He turns to the bull and motions for him to continue walking.  The butler just stood there smiling at him and then softly say, "Take your time, Mr. Cadfish.  The master loves people appreciating his fine art."

      "I´m not here to see his art but to see him." He looks back lustily at the wolf for one last look and turns back to the butler.  "I am ready to continue, please let move forward."

      "If you so wish", The bull nods and walks forward.  Eric eyes still glued to the statues, still wanting to stop but knowing he can´t delay his host any longer.  The bull takes his time watching Eric to make sure he didn´t get lost in the mazes of statues.  But Eric kept his mind on his task and continues to walks by the endless rows of beautiful life like statues.
      As they neared the end of their journey an empty pedestal with a piece paper attached.  Eric stops to read the single word "tiger" on it.  Seeming out of place it perks his curiosity and asks the butler, "Why the empty pedestal?"

      "We are waiting for our special new art, we had to send it out for a few extra special touches.  But the master expects to fill this spot today.  If the new statue comes today and you are on the grounds I will make sure you are notified about it and you can watch it be place on the pedestal."

      "That would be wonderful." Eric smiles thinking some very lowbrow lewd thoughts of possibly how this tiger might look and feel to his touch.  But he let those ideas and vision past as he walked away from the pedestal down the twisting and turning path until the path open up to a wide pool area.
      Statues and trees surround the cool pool as a lone figure in the pool turns to the approaching duo.  An equine stronger and better built than the butler swims to the edge of the pool and stares at his visitor.

      Eric walks closer to his host, noticing the pools circles and swims around the relaxing equine.

      The equine smiles at Eric, who walks silently forward caring his dream

      The bull stops about ten feet in front of the Equine, "Mr. Cadfish is ready
to see you, sir."

      The equine nods and Eric takes his final steps getting a closer look at his host. Eric takes note of the buff equine´s body looking at his strong arms and legs.  Eric continue to look and notice that his body was not covered except by the water and the small swimsuit that formed around his lower body giving the imagination enough information on what was in the large pouch.

      The equine smiles still looking over the tiger´s body, "Ahh Mr. Cadfish I have been waiting to see you would you like a seat?"

      Eric feeling a little nervous, "No thanks Mr. Leehe I would prefer to stand."

      "Maybe a drink?", Leehe holds up his own drink to the tiger.

      "No thank you, Mr. Leehe."  The equine motions his servant to go away.  The bull bows and silently slips away from the couple.

      Eric waits for the bull to leave then looks at his equine host.  Feeling that he needs to say something to get things moving he clears his voice and utters his first words of chit chat,  "Sorry, for taking so long to get here but I was observing your art."

      Mr. Leehe knickers, "No need to apologize I spend many time just sitting and observing my own art myself.  I love to see people enjoy it as much as I love to create it."

      Eric was taken back, "Create it?"

      The equine licks lips, "All the sculptures are made by me.  It´s my favorite hobby."

      "They are incredible.  The detail, the work I can´t believe it.  You capture the spark of life."

      "I would like to believe I do that.  But I still have a few pieces left to collect yet and then I will be able to have enough skill to do my masterpiece.  But, I hope my newest creation will be done today. I have a few finishing touches on it and it will be done."  Mr. Leehe smiles and takes a drink that he had sitting at the side of the pool.  "But lets not talk about my work.  I read your script and it´s a fascinating tale of growing up.  I think it would make a great comedy I do have a few changes nothing too major but I think we can make a deal today."
      Eric eyes light up, "A deal?  Don´t you need my agent."

      "I think we can work on a few things… personally…."  He reaches under the water, with a quick motion removes his swimming suit.  With only the water covering his body now he places his dripping swimsuit on the side of the pool.  He looks up at Eric with a captivating gaze.

      For a moment Eric heart stirred and his loins moved.  The producer was a perfect specimen of male man hood.  His thoughts betrayed him; he slowly stared at the tempting equine.  As his arousal became more apparent to Mr. Leehe , Eric´s own body felt a little colder and stiffer.  His own thoughts slowly drift from the Equine beauty and sexual desires to just pleasing the Stallion to do unspeakable acts in hopes that his script will be produce. As these thoughts slowly move in his head his own heart slow down to a stand still inside his cold stone chest.

      Mr. Leehe threw his hands behind his head watching his masterpiece come into existence.  His smile becomes even bigger as he thinks on how well this tiger will look when he gets done with him.

      But Eric´s thoughts grew strong and fast.  His mind was first was stifled, still thinking about those stallion pleasing acts he was going to do.  Then his old thoughts that kept him going for the last two years drift into his mind and shape his final conclusion.  His dream, his script, is not a story, it´s about him.  The thought of his dream being tarnish by other´s wants and desires sickened him.  The thought that he was willing to be someone´s pawn and sexual play thing froze his own stone heart.  Eric swore that he was not willing to do that even if it would mean his script would never get produced.  He needs to be as pure as his dream for his dream to live, that realization warmed and started his cold heart.

      For a few minutes Mr. Leehe admire his work.  The cold stone nude statue of a lovely tiger holding his dream script ready to do anything to get it done was the most beautiful thing he could imagine.  He sat in the water staring at the work of art that he made.  Mr. Leehe started to prepare to get back to enjoying the water when he notices a change, a twinkle in his young statue´s eye.  The warmth from that spark traveled covering his fur and returning the clothing back to the body.  Mr. Leehe frowned as all his work disappears from his beautiful young statue returning it back to life.

      Eric slowly stir, feeling like he is waking from a bad dream.  He found speaking was hard but he was determination to say his piece.  His slurred speech breaks his hardened tongue and color started to return to his grey lips, "I´m sorry Mr. Leehe I can´t come to that deal.  This is my dream, my vision of growing up.  It has my dream of living.  It´s not going to be made into something lesser.."  Eric pauses feeling strong and confident in what he saying, "and I will not tarnish that dream by having sex with you."

      Eric spun around, Mr. Leehe realized that Eric had no idea what has happen. "I had no thoughts of making you do that.  I…."  The words to keep him hear fell on deaf ears as Eric walked back to the entrance of the stone statue garden never looking back.

      He went as fast as he could away back to where he was comfortable. When he finally took a breath and looked around his meager apartment he cried.  His thoughts of his dream unfilled and what could of happen there just flooded his mind.  He cried until his caked on tears brought the sandman to lay him to sleep.


      The next morning his depression was broken up to the tones of his doorbell. In his messed up state he was in, he lazy wanders to the door.  By the time he got there was a plain brown envelope that was slipped under the doorway. Eric opened and looked about the door and saw no person.  With a slight hesitation he spills out the contents of the unmarked envelope on to the table.  A simple contract, a check, and a letter flutter onto the plastic table cloth.  His eyes scurry over the check and his jaw drops.  At first he didn´t believe it could be true but it was.  The words confirmed it.

Fifty million dollars.  Eric didn´t accept it to be real, but read the letter expecting to explain the joke.

      "Keep believing in your dream and don´t let you become another person´s fantasy."

      Eric read the words a few more times.  It took him a while but then he understood who and why.  He grips the letter and check by his heart and silently whispers, "I will."

Rubber ducky your the one.  Make the pool time lots of fun

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